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The Young Review Report recommendations

  1. Rigorously monitored mechanisms need to be developed and implemented to ensure that independent providers address the specific needs of BAME offenders
  • Independent providers under Transforming Rehabilitation should examine the diversity of their staff and supply chain, and evaluate how their own policies reflect previous learning
  • Independent providers should be incentivised beyond the scope of Transforming Rehabilitation contracts to address disproportionate outcomes for young black and/or Muslim men
  • The MoJ fulfils its commitment to establish an advisory group on improving outcomes for young black and/or Muslim which can act as a critical friend and provide support to government and new providers in the implementation of strategies and interventions to address unequal outcomes for this group
  1. NOMS publishes its Equality Strategy in order to a) provide transparency for all stakeholders and b) form the basis for action, to include a stringent overhaul of the approach to services for young black and/or Muslim men in the CJS
  • Training for prison officers should be reviewed so that the perceived and actual problems associated with cultural competence of staff are overcome
  • The process for downgrading prisoners’ status, particularly while an incident is under investigation, should be reviewed. Checks and balances are needed to  ensure that status reviews are conducted fairly for all prisoners, but specifically for BAME prisoners in the context of continued discrimination and unequal outcomes for black and/or Muslim men
  • CJS data collection and monitoring should be standardised and governed by a minimum set of data including not just ethnicity but also faith, language and age
  • There should be rigorous scrutiny of the actions taken in response to monitoring data collected that reveals disparities in outcomes
  1. Individuals who understand the lived experience of young black and/or Muslim male offenders should play an integral part in the planning and delivery of programmes and interventions to support desistance.
  • Commitment to the importance of service user involvement should be emphasised through communications with prison governors and new providers that ensure the correctly understand the policy enabling ex-service users to  volunteer or work in prison and community settings
  • Data relating to ethnicity and faith should be collected and analysed as a matter of course for all ex-offenders applying for security clearance to work in prisons or community settings through the standard plus route.
  1. The emphasis should be on dedicated resources for community engagement and partnership working models in prisons, rather than commissioning frameworks and supply chains.
  • Independent providers should work in partnership with and grant fund community led organisations that are able to build social capital within communities and   support families experiencing the stigma of offending to facilitate successful resettlement of offenders, and provide through the gate support to offenders themselves
  • This should ensure effective engagement, at strategic and delivery levels, of voluntary sector organisations with relevant cultural knowledge that can demonstrably meet the needs of 18-24 year old black and Muslim offenders in prison and the community
  • There should be a concerted to establish partnerships with employers across all sectors to set up employment schemes for ex-offenders .
  1. Ensure that the particular needs of ethnic minority offenders are considered in making and carrying out arrangements for the confinement and/or supervision or rehabilitation of offenders as required under s.149 Equality Act 2010 - the Public Sector Equality Duty.


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