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Why volunteering is important young BAME people

I recently graduated from university, where I have gained valuable knowledge but, unfortunately, not the practical experience and skills relevant to my chosen career path which is supporting people into employment. 
To overcome this gap, I am currently volunteering at BTEG, which not only builds up my self-confidence, networking skills and exposure to the working environment but also directly links me to opportunities in line with my career aspirations. It will also boost my CV and increase my chances to get paid employment not only because of the practical experience gained, but also because employers are impressed by people using their initiative. The placement also works nicely alongside my current job in retail.
I believe work placements and volunteering are important. The opportunity to gain relevant skills and experience is invaluable. My previous work placements helped me to develop my experience and key skills such as customer assistance, communication and exposure to the retail environment. This was a key factor in my success in securing paid work. 
In summary I believe the advantages of volunteering are:
  • Boosting of self-confidence and self esteem.

  • Developing transferable skills

  • Learning new skills. 

  • Meeting new people and keeping them as contacts for the future. 

  • Making a positive impact in the community. 

  • Taking part in challenging projects/roles.

  • Enhancing your CV.

I would encourage any young person finding it hard to get a job to contact BTEG's Tebussum Rashid - who manages the Work Placements 4 Me project, which will help you to find a work placement in the area that you want to work.  
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