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What do young black men have to say about their high unemployment rate in the UK?

During an action research conducted by BTEG between 2013 and 2014, young black men were asked about their views and experiences of unemployment and job seeking. The participants, whose qualifications and employment status were similar to the profile of all young black men in London, provided moving personal accounts and important insights into the factors affecting their employment opportunities. In addition, they all shared understanding of each other’s experiences and viewpoints. Some of them described the high unemployment rates for young black men in the UK as the historical legacy of slavery. Even though these young men considered that this reason was not worth focusing on, they still felt that they are “trying hard” to make their way in a society where the odds are stacked against them. Unfortunately, they believe that employers simply reflect the rest of society’s negative stereotyping of young black men in terms of making recruitment decisions. On the other hand, the young men participating in the action research explained that the other factor affecting their employment opportunities is the quality of assistance from support services. Being active job seekers, they felt that most advisers from Jobcentre Plus or Work Programme were indifferent to their situations. Finally, they also believed that strong supportive networks are lacking in black communities compared with other ethnic minority communities. This factor disadvantages young black men when looking for work as they recognised that these are a valuable means of identifying opportunities and gaining work experience.

The following quotes obtained from the research reflect the range of views young black men expressed on unemployment and their experiences of looking for work.





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