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Wayne Gouro

Age: 19 

Borough: Hillingdon  

About Me

I am currently reading Engineering Science at University of Oxford. My main interests lie within the potential of emerging technologies to provide increased opportunity and freedom among disadvantaged people.

I am passionate about empowering and inspiring people. After having co-hosted the SimplestTalks Podcast for over a year, I am now working on initiatives to engage young people from minority backgrounds and increase access to higher education. Beyond my studies, I enjoy working with computers, music, gaming and working on DIY projects.

Why I wanted to become an MoU Ambassador:  

Growing up in London, I noticed an alarming disparity between young black men and our counterparts which has always troubled me. Increasing employment rates for young black men is the first step of breaking the psychological bondage that we find ourselves in and changing a narrative from one that demonises us to one of success and ambition. I feel that being an Ambassador will allow me to help achieve this. ”Be the change you want to see” is a mantra that has stuck with me from the first day I heard it. Being an MoU ambassador allows me to bring this to life. I’d recommend the role to anyone who wants to see change, or even better, make it.

What I currently do as an Ambassador

As one of the Brent Ambassadors, I take part in the Brent Collective Partnership meetings and listen to what is being discussed – then input my thoughts and views as a young black man.  I also attend meetings hosted by Trust for London, one of the MoU funders or the GLA Workforce Integration Network team.  It’s important that I take part (along with my fellow Ambassadors) as some meeting attendees have not heard directly from a young black man about our experiences, challenges and barriers in education or employment.


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