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Selasi Tay

Selasi Tay

Age: 18 


Borough: Newham 


About Me: I am currently in my second year at Leyton Sixth Form College studying sports. I finish college this summer and plan to find an apprenticeship in sports coaching.







Why I wanted to become an MoU Ambassador:  

I personally believe that getting more black males under the age of 18 employed is important due to one major fact that it will help us work together to defeat the stereotypical idea that all young black males are a threat to society one way or another. By opening the door to employment, we can help to reduce and hopefully eliminate the number of young black males on the streets by encouraging them to work in a safe, trusted environment earning legal money that can then be invested into a better future for them and the future generation.

What I currently do as an Ambassador

As one of the Newham Ambassadors, my role involves attending the Newham Collective Impact Partnership meetings to input my thoughts on what partners are discussing – including how to reach and support young black men like me.  I also attend the sessions partners have arranged where young black men can meet employers from a sector, like finance – and share my views with young black men on why they should get support from the partners. I feel that if we all work together, young black men can find out what their options are for employment and not feel that they might have to turn to crime for an income, which I know some do.


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