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Sayid Sharif


Age: 26

Borough: Newham

About me: I am a young, driven and motivated individual who gained a BSc in Finance in 2016. After graduating I found it really difficult to find employment in this field to kick start my career, I had various interviews and got rejected numerous times for different reasons some being out of my control. I currently work as a Chauffeur alongside learning about the financial markets and stocks.



Why I wanted to become an MoU Ambassador:

I wanted to become an MoU ambassador because I believe that the Moving up programme is a strong initiative to help boost employment for young black men.  I saw it as an opportunity to voice my opinion and help make a change based on the experience and barriers I have faced.

 I want other young black men to be able to get their foot in the door, as it’s not always easy to do this.

What I currently do as an Ambassador:

As one of the Newham Ambassadors, I participate in various meetings including the Newham Collective Impact Partnership meetings and workshops with different partners to achieve one common goal; to help boost employment rates amongst young black men. Being an Ambassador gives you the opportunity to help make a change. I’ve attended quite a few sessions where the Newham Partners invite young black men to meet employers – and I’ve shared my thoughts to these young black men on what an initiative like MoU can help them find a good job with career progression.




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