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Routes2Success Local Project Launch

During the first year of the R2S programme we met many young black males who have brilliant ideas about projects that they would like to set up in their community, but believe that this idea will never become a reality due to lack of funds or support.

Through our work on the R2S programme we have encountered young people who feel that there are not enough activities in their community to keep them off of the streets, so through this initiative we want to encourage the young people to do something for themselves whether it is setting up a debate club, football classes, drama workshops or music workshops we would like to help.

The Routes2Success team would like to offer practical support and expertise through a new initiative to assist a group of young people lead on their own project.  This how we will do it:

  • Earlier this year we produced a Local Project Handbook which our Routes2Success National Role Model Programme would use to support young black males aged between 11- 25 from African, Caribbean and mixed backgrounds to successfully complete a local project.
  • BTEG has employed Collette Noel as the R2S Local Development Officer, who will match the young people with R2S role models to help them successfully plan their project and get it off the ground.
  • The R2S team would like to work with a group of young people from a youth club, school, faith group or community organisation to successfully execute their project with the assistance from our role models and handbook.

The successful group of young people will be awarded a monetary sum to support them in implementing their project. This could be used to hire a venue, cover travel expenses, buy equipment, catering costs or any other resources agreed by the R2S role model.

If you know of any young men aged between 11-25 who would be interested in receiving support in setting up their own project, please tell them to get in touch with the R2S team / 020 7832 5800 or  / 020 7832 5832.


Click on the image above to access the Race Disparity Unit's website.
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