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Reasons that work placements work for you

Here are five ways that work placement can benefit you:

Find out what suits you

You may be unsure about what career path you want to follow. Placements can give you the opportunity to explore the possibilities.  You can get experience in a variety of business sectors, giving you a chance to find out what they involve and what appeals to you without committing yourself long-term to a particular direction.

If you do decide to stay in a particular sector your applications/interviews will be enhanced by the information, understanding and skills you have acquired from your work placement.  

Understanding the workplace

The workplace environment has rules and behaviours that are different to your school/college experience. A work placement can help you navigate the dos and don’ts of teamwork, business awareness and workplace communication.  


In your work placement you will meet a variety of people – work colleagues, clients and other people working in the sector. All of these, in their different ways, can help  you develop by offering support, advice and providing a learning experience.

Maintaining this network of contacts can help your continuing development and could keep you abreast of new opportunities.

Improved employability prospects

Even though your academic achievements may be impressive, being able to show actual experience in the workplace can improve your chances with employers. The skills and knowledge you have gained from your work placement could be the winning difference between you and someone else with no professional experience.

Will I get paid for a placement?

Usually not but your travel and lunches should be paid for, so you won’t be out of pocket. However, you will be gaining a lot of useful experience that can help you secure paid employment

How long do placements last?

This depends on you and the company offering the placement. They can las for a few weeks or a few months. However, you can still be looking for paid work at the same time and can leave the placement if you are successful.

How do I get a work placement?

Work Placements 4 Me was created to help you find the right placement to meet your needs Contact Tebussum Rashid - - to find out more.


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