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Questions Local Councils And Black Communities Need To Focus On

If you have been moved by the killing of George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter movement and want to see equality for black people please do what you can in your community and workplace. Our publicaton Are They Doing Their Duty? may be useful for individuals and groups that want to lobby their local council to do a great deal more to tackle disparities in education, health, housing and employment.

BTEG was set up by black and Asian organisations and the majority of our trustees and staff are from these backgrounds. We are proud of that. We also recognise the importance of removing the racism experienced by people of African origin in this country and globally. Black, Asian and white communities must now work together to transform our country’s institutions and workplaces. There will always be those that want to divide and rule our diverse communities. We must not allow that to happen. Eradicating racism benefits everyone.   

If you want to know more about our work go to the home page our website – we support children and young people to succeed in education and employment. We are actively working to make our criminal justice system fair and equitable.

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Thank you.

Jeremy Crook OBE
Chief Executive.


Click on the image above to access the Race Disparity Unit's website.
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