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Project Ambassadors


Ambassador programme

MoU partners want to ensure young black men have a voice within the programme, and can have wider influence by serving as Ambassadors in various public and business settings.  They will attend meetings relating to the project to input their views and also arrange networking events for young black men across London. Read the full role description.

This programme will support 9 young black male MoU Ambassadors.  Ambassadors will be paid hourly for their time at £15 per hour.

Ambassadors will be supported and provided with leadership development opportunities during the programme.

How much time will Ambassadors need to sign up for?

2 days per Ambassador for core training at start of the programme

3 days per Ambassador per year for MoU meetings (Total of 7 days/49 hours per Ambassador over two years.)

Selection process

Candidates will be asked to write a one-page statement or submit a two minute video, setting out why they would be a good Ambassador and why they think increasing the employment rate for YBM is important. Shortlisted candidates will be asked to attend a short interview and make a 5 minute presentation.

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