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Patrice HindsName: Patrice Hinds
: Managing Director Inspirational Ideas

Region: London
Interests: Fashion – Pat has always loved fashion and clothing which is why he went into the fashion business. Music - Pat was brought up on music and has fond early memories of being in the front room with his father playing Jazz, Funk, Soul, and Reggae.  From his early years of going to NYC he has a passion for Hip Hop and Dance music and anything with a heavy Baseline!! Art – He loves the creativity of Art and believes you can do anything you want to express yourself through Art. Cooking – Is his passion and relaxes him. He also loves seeing people smile when they feel contented. Keeping fit – Healthy Mind Healthy Soul!


Gifford SutherlandName: Gifford Sutherland
Profession: Founder / Director Foundation4life
Region: London
Interests: Gifford’s passion for improving the lives of young people is at the forefront of his work and personal life. His community based organisation F4L specialise in working with young people living high risk lifestyles including individuals affected by gangs and serious youth violence. Gifford Is also Vice-Chairman of Race On The Agenda (ROTA) one of Britain's leading social policy think-tanks focusing on issues that affect Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities.




 Name: Tony Henry
 Profession: Director Elevation7
 Region: Lo

Interests: Tony’s life is driven by his faith in God, his passion is to enable others to succeed and he has a spirit of creativity in everything does. Whether you know him as wealth consultant, coach (boxing, life, education) mentor,     motivational speaker, salsa dancer or friend he wants you to walk away from him with a can do mentality.



Jason ArdayName: Jason Arday
Profession: Senior Lecturer of Physical Education and Sociology 
Region: London
Interests: Jason's social interests revolve around his charity work in fundraising and consultancy capacities. He has been fortunate to work with over 72 charities nationally over the last 10 years, in the process being involved in several significant fundraising drives and initiatives. Additionally, he is a huge fan of live music, fashion and obviously Sport!


Michael OhajuruName: Michael Ohajuru
Profession: Retired (Sales and Marketing Director)
Region: London
Interests: In addition to supporting young people, Michael has a passion for Art and Art History especially the Image of the Black in Renaissance Art; He regularly writes and speaks about these subjects. Along with these interests Michael also has a keen interest in container gardening, photography, volunteering and keeping mind and body fit for purpose.


Hepburn Harrison GrahamName: Hepburn Harrison Graham
Profession: Actor/Broadcaster/Teacher
Region: London
Interests: Hepburn’s main social interest is sport, particularly football.  Manchester United is his team and has been ever since 1968, when the 'holy trinity' of Bobby Charlton, George Best and Denis Law were in their pomp. Thanks to the all conquering West Indian teams of the seventies and eighties, he also has a fondness for international cricket.   Away from sport Hepburn likes to read about black history, watch movies and visit the theatre.  When money and time allows he likes to travel, his ambition is to visit every Island in the Caribbean and the entire continent of Africa.


Lee PinkertonName: Lee Pinkerton
Profession: Communications Officer (Writer)
Region: London
Interests: Lee’s interests influence his journalistic/writing/career choices.  He couldn't have been an arts journalist without being passionate about Black music, movies, theatre and comedy.
Favourite artist - James Brown
favourite Rap group - Public Enemy
Favourite movie - Scarface
Favourite film director - Spike Lee
Favourite comedian - Chris Rock
He is also passionately interested in the state of the African diaspora, particularly Black Britons - hence being moved to write his book The Problem with Black Men


DD ArmstrongName: DD Armstrong
Profession: Author/Screenwriter/Playwright
Region: London
Interests: DD has a love for film, football, food and literature. He is co-founder of Square Yard Theatre and Production company and is passionate about inspiring young people through creative arts. DD enjoys debating literature and encouraging others to share their opinions on social issues through a mixture of role play and creative writing. He also believes luck is being well prepared for the unexpected opportunity.


Bola AbisogunName: Bola Abisogun FRICS
Profession: Founder and Executive Director of Urbanis, a construction led support services company.
Region: London
Interests: Bola’s focus has always revolved around being the best that he can possibly be (still a work in progress!) and ensuring that others around him do the same. The words ‘can’t’ and ‘impossible’ do not exist in his vocabulary. He believes that there is a solution to every challenge in life; you just need to take a step back and work it out! He is passionate about young black men learning and embracing this worthwhile ‘life-lesson’, as early as possible in their lives. He absolutely worships his family; they are his rock and his greatest motivator to achieve true greatness in his lifetime. Socially, he’s a huge fan of technology and loves working with young people on new ideas that can [eventually] be monetised.


Marcus MillerName: Marcus Miller
Profession: Director,
Region: London
Interests: Since 2003 Marcus has been working with young people across 10 London boroughs, to support them into the labour market. He has assisted young people through the delivery of employability focused workshops, providing 1:1 mentoring by facilitating work experience opportunities in the UK as well as across continental Europe (Spain, Italy, France and the Czech Republic), to enhance their practical and interpersonal skills. In his free time, Marcus loves to spend time with his two sons, enjoys athletics training and is a big fan of both House and Reggae music.


Valentine OgunbaName: Valentine Ogunba
Profession: Account Manager
Region: London
Interests: Valentine is passionate about writing, reading and music. In his spare time, he enjoys travelling, volunteering with young people and visiting galleries.






Valentine Ogunba

Name: Abel Okello
Profession: Telecommunications professional
Region: London
Interests: Having worked extensively across Africa for most of his career, Abel has a keen interest in the development of nations and people. His passion for seeing youth succeed and becoming valuable contributors to society has seen him work with youth groups in different areas, including sport, agriculture and technology. Abel’s list of interests is travelling, which enables him to experience and enjoy further interests that include food, music and culture. Having recently run a full marathon in 2018, Abel now has his eyes set on participating competitively in a Triathlon and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in the coming years.



Name: SunHee Park 

Profession: Solicitor (finance & capital markets)l
Region: London

Interests: SunHee loves to travel and discover new places.  She is increasingly concerned about climate change and is determined to ensure everyone contributes to keeping our lovely planet alive.  The sharing economy is the way forward.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Name: Dianne Greyson

Profession: Director

Region: Surrey

Interests: Dianne Greyson is Director of Equilibrium Mediation Consulting and Managing Partner of Synergised Solutions.  She is a writer and author of Business Culture Review.  Dianne has worked for the Private and Public Sector for over 20 years, her HR Consultancy has a strong focus on Equality and Diversity, supporting businesses to recognise the importance  of staff wellbeing, representation and to respect and value all who work within an organisation. 




Name: Olivia Ayorinde John
Profession: Business Programme Manager | Leadership Speaker
Region: Greater London | Kent
Interests: Africa - Olivia has recently returned to university to complete an MA in Africa Studies - economic development. She is passionate about understanding history and building for the future. Sports - Olivia enjoys running and cycling.  She regularly runs to raise funds for various charities. Family - Olivia is a dedicated to her family.  She is passionate about supporting her children in their development and growth.



Name: Cherron Inko-Tariah
Profession: Founder, Consultant, Coach
Region: Islington
Interests: Cherron is passionate about staff networks and the positive impact these can have on the individual and the organisation. An accomplished Chair of a number of staff networks (one to award-winning status), Cherron has facilitated bespoke training to educate employees on the benefits of proactive development. During her career, she has achieved a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management, and a Masters in Employment Studies and Human Resource Management. 
In 2011, Cherron received an MBE for her services to HM Government and, also for her work in the faith community with young people.
She enjoys walking, baking and is a huge fan of the Flash!
Name: Selina Vernal
Profession: Senior Manager, Structure Finance Credit, Santander plc.
Region: London

Interests: Outside of developing others, Selina has a passion for Sport, Spanish, Travel and Family Fun.  She enjoys spending time with her two young children, helping them flourish and grow personally, as well as teaching them to respect the world and the diversity that exists within it.  To aide this, travel is a big part of her life, with India, Thailand, Costa Rica, and America among some of the places visited.  Expanding on this journey is the desire to communicate fluently in a second language, Spanish, for which Selina is learning alongside her kids.  

When not embarking on family fun, Selina will most likely be found training for some kind of adventure race.  Hoping to complete a 70.3 triathlon one day, the 70.3 representing the number of miles covered across the swim, bike, run disciplines all in one go!   Dream beyond limits, and live to achieve your dream

Name: Sonya Rahaman
Region: London
Interests: Having gained experience in organisations that are at the cutting edge of human rights, such as the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), Sonya has had a unique exposure to different aspects of implementing and promoting human rights best practice. She is passionate about the rights of women and indigenous peoples, and is currently pursuing a PhD in this field at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London. 
In her spare time, Sonya loves to travel as much as possible!  She also enjoys attending art and fashion exhibitions/shows and is passionate about music and dance.
Name: Jennifer Crook
Profession: Head of Diversity and Inclusion at the House of Commons
Region: London
Interests: Jennifer loves the theatre and written word whether it is reading or writing, in the past she has had short stories published and is currently working on a novel. She likes to challenge herself by reading the short listed books for the main literary prizes like the Man Booker prize. This keeps her reading fresh and outside of the box. She also has two daughters, aged 11 and 15, and tries to engage in their activities and passions, as she believes  it is wonderful to learn from them.




Name: Kemi Oyesola
Profession: Coach/Consultant; CEO, How2Think Global Consulting Group
Region: Kent
Interests:  CoachKemi, is the CEO and Founder of How2Think Consulting Group, a Personal Development business that FOCUSES on THOUGHT TRANSFORMATION. She firmly believes that ‘thinking’ is highly under-rated especially as thoughts are so much more important than mindset. 
She is very passionate about young people and seeks to introduce and train them in the Art of How2Think2Win.

She enjoys sports, aerobics, dancing, playing board games, spending time with her children and grandchildren and is very driven by her faith in God.



Name: Jacqueline A. Hinds
Profession: Emotional Intelligence Coach/Consultant 
Region: London
Interests: Jacqueline is passionate about helping people of all ages to realise, unlock and release their potential to be the best that they can be; using the concept and principles of Emotional & Cultural Intelligence (EQ & CQ).

Jacqueline is very active within her church, especially within Women's Ministries, and has been delivering her Woman of Faith programme to women of all denominations, here in London and Ipswich.  She is the Chair of the Society of Emotional Intelligence UK and Board Chair & International Liaison for Society of Emotional Intelligence USA.  She is a published author and has delivered keynote speeches internationally on Emotional Intelligence within Health and Social Care settings.

She is very supportive in her son's education and, has been inducting him into the EQ & CQ  concept and principles, which has helped him tremendously.

Name: Tash Pennant
Profession: Communications Consultant and Speaker – Director, Tash Pennant Consultancy
Region: London
Interests: As an award-winning communications consultant Tash is committed to working with individuals and organisations to improve their communications. 
Alongside this, she also supports the development of young people through entrepreneurship advice and promotion of education.  Networking is a subject Tash speaks on and practices, and she enjoys connecting people and resources.  She likes trying new and different foods from around the world and going to musicals.  Voluntary work has been a consistent feature in Tash’s activities and she founded and ran a food distribution initiative for homeless people for a number of years.
Name: Laura Durrant     
Profession: Solicitor
Region:  London
Interests: Laura has been working as a solicitor for 15 years in the City of London, particularly focused on representing financial institutions.  In that time, Laura has
also progressed a number of initiatives to increase the diversity of the legal profession and support young people.  Outside of work Laura balances the demands of a young family, a love of travel, fitness and reading.  

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