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Contributing Organisations

Six employment organisations have come together to offer support to 500 young black men and to increase their pathways into employment. See below the specific programmes put into place and click through to visit the organisations sites and social media profiles. 


Action West London developed Action Recruitment, an employment project focussing on supporting ‘job ready’ unemployed young black men aged 16-24. The recruitment agency will help these young men improve their CV’s, online job search, interview techniques and provide ‘in-work’ support. The project will work actively with companies and businesses, public bodies, and HE and FE institutions to open up employment opportunities for young black men.



Elevation Networks created London 360*, a ‘job-readiness’ training course focussing on young black men actively seeking work. Over a period of 3 weeks, 360* will connect these young men with employers, take them through the different routes into the organisation with live applications demonstrations, detailed CV checks and in-depth interview practice.


Hackney CVS runs The Young Black Men project in partnership with Skyway, Concorde and The Crib youth clubs. These partners do outreach, enterprise programmes and run job clubs for the young black men in Hackney involved in the Moving On Up project. The job clubs provide support in CV writing, interview skills, office etiquette, job opportunities, work experience and apprenticeships. The enterprise programme ran by Skyway connects successful black-owned businesses with small groups of young black men who need support to start their own business. Hackney CVS also have a young black men advisory board called the inspirational leaders who go out to schools, youth clubs and youth settings to deliver inspirational workshops, peer mentoring and building relationships with the local community.



Step Ahead engages with over 150 young black men on a support focused programme delivered by a partnership with community-based organisations and employers. It provides 1-2 weeks employability courses, one-to-one coaching sessions, work opportunities, work fairs and apprenticeships.



Making The Leap primarily focuses on supporting and offering opportunities to talented young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. It helps young people overcome the barriers they face and find their way into a life-changing career by raising their aspirations and allowing them to 

discover their full potential. For Moving On Up, Making The Leap offers a unique and tailored range of services that can vastly improve the employability of hardworking candidates. These include 3 weeks workshops provision with corporate visits and assessment centre training, soft-skill building that is up-to-date and relevant to what employers are looking for and career coaching and pastoral support on a one-to-one basis following the workshop.





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