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Mission, Vision and Values


BTEG’s mission is to end racial inequality. We believe that the contribution of all communities makes a nation, builds dynamic local communities, generates wealth and improves well-being. We champion fairness, challenge discrimination and pioneer innovative solutions to empower BAME communities through education, employment and enterprise. Our activities involve working with Government, business, public services, BAME organisations and the media.


BTEG aboutAs a national organisation BTEG want to maximise our work with central government departments by connecting more directly with local BME and mainstream activities aimed at closing racial inequalities. BTEG strongly believes that race inequalities will persist and in some areas such as unemployment, take generations to close unless we start to inspire local BME individuals and organisations to get actively involved in local decision making processes.

Many public bodies have a 'duty to involve' and there will also be an Equality Act in the near future. This is likely to present new challenges for public bodies and BME communities and organisations. BME civil society organisations need to understand how to use the levers they have, such as comprehensive area assessments, duty to involve, petitions, legislation and EHRC, etc. to improve opportunities and outcomes in their communities. There will also be the need to appreciate other equality strands and the importance of making useful alliances with agencies leading on these strands. If this does not happen there is a real danger that race equality issues will not feature as they should.

BTEG want to see all ethnic groups achieving similar success in the education system and the labour market. Together we can make a difference by challenging poor and unfair policy and practice wherever we find it. Whatever your background you are welcome to work with us to find the right policy and delivery solutions.



BTEG is a forward thinking organisation. We're always looking for a fresh approach to the work that we do. Being inspired is a better way of doing things; it's a BTEG philosophy.


Whatever your ethnicity, BTEG believes in fairness across the board. Everyone has the right to have the best opportunities in life. BTEG are at the forefront in tackling racial inequalities in education, employment and the justice system. Equality is always at the top of our agenda.


We believe in providing people the tools to succeed in life. Whether you're an entrepreneur, an enterprising community or an organisation, BTEG can provide technical and sustainable assistance. If you have the passion, we have the resources.


BTEG promotes this value in everything we do. Whether we're working in communities, assisting other organisations or supporting policies, providing a united front is instrumental in getting things done. One person can make a difference; a group can bring about change.


Diversity focuses on developing the talents of people of different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. Diversity creates an environment that recognises values and utilises the unique skills and abilities of everyone. The goal of diversity is to create an inclusive, respectful and equitable work environment and community.


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