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This Message Is For Young Black Men Of African, Caribbean And Mixed Origin Aged 16-25 Years Of Age

Join us at the BEX Live Routes2Success Future Entrepreneurs Workshop 11am-1pm Saturday

21st September, Birmingham Town Hall

My charity, the Black Training and Enterprise Group, cares about the future of all young people in this country because young people deserve to have opportunities to fulfil their potential and develop their talents. The statistics show that the chances of young black men being successful in education and employment are not high compared to other groups of people. There are more young black men unemployed than employed. This is wrong but how do we change this situation and what can you do to help yourself?

President Obama recently said that young black men are ‘painted with a broad brush’ compared to other young men in America. This portrayal of young black men links to drugs and crime, unemployment and aggression. The negative stereotypes of young black men impact on their job prospects - what do you think?

In our country young black men find it harder to get work; are more likely to be stopped and search and to end up in prison. Hard working young black men have told me they don’t want to be another ‘statistic’.

You may fit into one of four situations at the moment:

  • At 6th form, college or university
  • At work (hopefully with good prospects and receiving further training apprenticeship)
  • Not in employment, education or training (NEET) or
  • Looking for work or planning to start your own business.

If you are studying and have a clear career goal in mind - well done. Keep working hard and think about joining our Routes2Success (R2S) network. Just make sure you are taking the right subjects and courses to get to your chosen destination. Do you know someone in the occupation that you plan to enter who can give you some useful advice?

If you are frustrated with your situation; have been in the criminal justice system or are just are not sure what to do to get to the next level, then get involved with Routes2Success. Now is the time to do something different to help yourself. Many young black men do succeed, so there is nothing to stop you succeeding - except yourself. Some people may want to hold you back but no matter how difficult your situation is there will be choices for you to take - make the best choices for you.

There is no quick fix. You are going to have to make the effort and put in the hard work. Everyone has something to offer - ideas, commitment, knowledge, personality, communication skills, integrity and willingness to learn. What do you have to offer?

My charity wants to work with you and help you to network with successful people. We now have a volunteer force of successful black men that want to connect with you. They want to inspire you to do the very best for yourself by sharing their experiences of work and business. These role models have been chosen by young black men. We believe it’s time to invest in talented young black men. Remember - we just want you to be successful at whatever you choose to do.

Come and meet successful entrepreneurs and share your ideas at our R2S networking event. We also want to hear about what you want to do with your life chances. All you have to do is book a place and come along You will not be disappointed.


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