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Launch of The Hamilton Commission report

The Hamilton Commission was launched as a result of Sir Lewis Hamilton’s concerns about the lack of ethnic diversity within Formula 1 specifically, and the whole motorsport industry generally. The Commission set out to explore the barriers preventing black people from entering the industry and provide actionable recommendations to increase diversity in UK motorsport.

The Commission report has now been published. It includes 10 key recommendations focussed on the most pressing issues that are keeping black people out of STEM (education and careers support in science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and out of motorsport.

BTEG’s Chief Executive Jeremy Crook OBE, Chief Executive, was one of the Hamilton Commissioners. He says:

‘It was a pleasure serving on the Hamilton Commission. The report sets out the challenges ahead to increase the proportion of Black people in motorsport.  To move the dial from less than 1% Black representation we need leaders in motorsport to collect recruitment ethnicity data, set ethnicity targets and drive change from the top. We also need leaders in schools, colleges, universities and Black communities to play their part to encourage and inspire young Black people to pursue engineering degrees and careers’.


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