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Keifer Royal


Age: 23 

Borough: Southwark 

About Me 

I am currently a Conversion Rate Analyst working at A.S. Watson Group. I decided not to go to university as I felt it was not the right path for me, I was much better at practical learning and felt it was better suited if I did an apprenticeship which would give me the opportunity to study and learn while also making an income. I started an apprenticeship but didn’t complete it as it wasn’t the right place for me. Finding a job after was challenging but with support I got my first role in the insurance sector and have now further progressed.


Why I wanted to become an MoU Ambassador:  

I was on the Phase 1 of MoU (2015 to 2017) in which six employment support organisations helped more than 270 young black men into jobs. 
I was impacted greatly; I was given confidence to speak up and be proud of who I am and where I'm coming from. I wanted to give back and shed light on the fact that giving a young black man an opportunity can be pivotal in their lives.  

What I currently do as an Ambassador: 

I attend meetings such as the MoU Advisory Group and with MoU partners and people from various companies that are looking to understand the journey of a YBM and be able to make changes based of what has been told. Bringing an understanding of our full journey and how we can meet needs at each point.  

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