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Ian Moya Kivumbi


Age: 23 

Borough: Brent 

About Me: I'm currently undertaking my PGCE course looking to start a profession in teaching. I qualified with a degree in biomedical Science and a master’s in pharmacology but found it difficult to get a job in this field. This was due to not being aware of opportunities that provided training to gain the necessary experience.

My hobbies and interests include cycling, boxing, learning about business development and listening to podcasts. 




Why I wanted to become an MoU Ambassador:  

I wanted to become an MoU ambassador because it gave me the opportunity to be a leader, to also share my story and experiences as a young black male in London. Furthermore, I wanted become an ambassador because I have a passion for building and growing relationships as it is important to understand that ambassadors are people who exist to foster strong, loyal relationships through building relationships with companies and businesses, we’re able to take that step forward in increasing employment rates in young black people.

I believe as an ambassador it’s important to motivate more young black people to support one another in starting their own business or push each other to get a good career as this is empowering not only to the individual but to the communities and younger generations.  

What I currently do as an Ambassador:  
As a Brent ambassador I have had to chance to attend and contribute to the Brent Collective Impact Partnership meetings, where I listen to what partners are doing to support young black men into employment and comment/input in things like marketing flyers, how to reach people like me, my thoughts on what the support consists of and other things.

workshops and meetings that aimed towards improving communication in terms of reaching out to more young black males. I have also attended workshops on overall communications for Moving on Up and input my experiences of the employment journey for young black men, in a workshop held by Greater London Authority.

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