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Do you want to be a more inclusive employer? Free expert advice for London’s employers

Do you want to be a more inclusive employer?

Free expert advice for London’s employers

More and more employers are recognising that diversity and inclusion are essential to the modern workforce, and that diverse organisations are more productive, innovative, and profitable.

Today's employees also expect companies' policies and working environments to reflect an increasingly socially conscious and diverse population.

To support London’s employers to become more inclusive and to improve representation in their workplace, the Mayor of London launched the Workforce Integration Network (WIN) platform as part of his Strategy for Social Integration. As part of the WIN Platform, BTEG , through its Moving on Up (MOU) initiative, was commissioned to produce the Inclusive Employers Toolkit.

In the Foreword to the toolkit, the Mayor says:

this toolkit is a product to help employers ensure they DO NOT miss out on the young black male talent in London.

To utilise and integrate the toolkit into your working practices, BTEG is now offering 25 London employers in the construction and digital sector a package of free support.

Sign up to BTEG’s FREE package of advice, support and resources which includes:

  • Confidential ‘critical friend’ review of existing EDI (equality, diversity and inclusion) policies and practices in:
  1. Leadership commitment and plans
  2. Engagement and Recruitment
  3. Retention and Progression
  4. Supply chains
  • Two days free expert consultants – offering confidential bespoke advice and support.
  • Access to free online resources
  • Participation in sector specific online action learning workshops
  • Good practice examples
  • Sector specific networking

To discuss this offer contact Tebussum Rashid: / 07735 903338

Limited time offer - February-April 2021 - and there are limited spaces.




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