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CJS Blog on Children and Young People in Custody (2010- 2011)

BTEG CJS Blog- on Children and Young People in Custody (2010-11) 

Half term, and the one day I am in the office will be a busy one.

Yesterday, sitting in the hairdressers in Wood Green with the kids, I read the Guardian headline that '40%' of Youth Jail population were black. This was the headline grabber from the Chief Inspectors of Prisons report into the state of our youth offending institutions. I haven't read the report yet, so cannot comment on the detail but it confirms two things that I have felt in my water doing this job over the past 3 months: firstly, race is a huge issue in the CJS; and secondly, the CJS is in denial as to what a huge factor it is in changing the system for the better.

Some useful links;

Young black men make up four in 10 of youth jail population

Children and Young People in Custody (2010- 2011)


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