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Chris – Project Officer, Making The Leap

I have lived in Mitcham in South London pretty much my whole life. While I was born and raised in the UK, both my parents were raised in Ghana which influenced a lot of my upbringing.

I am a huge fan of literature and love to read in my spare time. I also have a passion for writing as a hobby, regularly finding time to come up with and explore new ideas for books. It is a future ambition of mine to one day publish a book of my own.

After my A-Levels, I attended the University of Hertfordshire, where I got my BA in Business Administration. My writing ability and natural problem solving skills drew me towards marketing, and upon graduating I became determined to pursue it as a career.

One thing that has been an issue for me in the past was my confidence in interviews. I have always been sure of my abilities, and I have no problem striking up conversation or even presenting in front of many people. But somehow, the very idea of selling myself to a panel of interviewers always intimidated me. It got to the point where I felt so much pressure to make a great first impression that it drove me to make a bad one. This would then make me feel under even more pressure to impress during the next interview, thus continuing the cycle.

I started to take on voluntary and temporary jobs in relevant roles for experience in order to boost both my CV and my confidence, but it never seemed to be enough to get me used to the interview process. I occasionally found success when applying for jobs, but they often deviated from what I was determined to pursue; marketing. But then I found Making The Leap.

Enrolling on the MTL workshop was one of the best decisions I ever made. The programme challenges you to experience the realities of a corporate workplace, increasingly testing your abilities as the days go by until you find yourself doing tasks you would otherwise never consider doing as a matter of course. Going through it not only helped me dispel many of my interview anxieties, it helped me to feel like the professional I knew I was capable of becoming. I am incredibly grateful to the MTL programme, and when the opportunity to work with the people who helped me presented itself, I with no hesitation.

I am now in a role that I not only love, but which gives me a number of tasks identical to those I would experience in a marketing role. I feel more confident than ever that my ambition to build a successful marketing career is within my reach, and I have both Making The Leap and the Moving On Up initiative to thank for that.

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