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Ian Moya Kivumbi

Age: 23 

Borough: Brent 

About Me: I'm currently undertaking my PGCE course looking to start a profession in teaching. I qualified with a degree in biomedical Science and a master’s in pharmacology but found it difficult to get a job in this field. This was due to not being aware of opportunities that provided training to gain the necessary experience.

My hobbies and interests include cycling, boxing, learning about business development and listening to podcasts.

To find out more about Ian and to watch his video click here


Courtney Austin


Age: 23 

Borough: Brent 

About Me: I was born and raised in Northwest London on the Church Road estate. Growing up in London is hard but being a young black man growing up in an area which is known for gang culture and violence is even harder. I used the struggles I faced in life from an early age to motivate me to want to do better for myself and my family.


To find out more about Courtney and to watch his video click here


Wayne Gouro

Age: 19 

Borough: Hillingdon  

About Me: I am currently reading Engineering Science at University of Oxford. My main interests lie within the potential of emerging technologies to provide increased opportunity and freedom among disadvantaged people.

I am passionate about empowering and inspiring people. After having co-hosted the SimplestTalks Podcast for over a year, I am now working on initiatives to engage young people from minority backgrounds and increase access to higher education. Beyond my studies, I enjoy working with computers, music, gaming and working on DIY projects.

To find out more about Wayne and to watch his video click here

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