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BAME Connectivity Programme

The BAME Connectivity programme is a project from BTEG that supports and strengthens BAME organisations to be better positioned and structured to survive in the changing landscape and context of the VCS in London.

The changes in the voluntary sector over recent years, and the implications these have for BAME voluntary and community organisation, has seen the need for BAME organisations of all sizes to have a stronger presence. This can only be achieved by having a stronger collective infrastructure, a stronger brand and a stronger voice – ideally a collective voice.

In order for the organisations to be better positioned to work in collaboration, they need to focus on both the infrastructure of their organisations and the leaders within - ensuring that they have the knowledge, attitude and mind-set needed, as well as appreciating the value and need to collaborate with others.

The Connectivity programme will:

  • build the skills and capacity of BAME organisations to strengthen their presence and increase sustainability

  • support BAME leaders working for social change

  • support BAME organisations in having a stronger voice and better representation skills.

The programme is primarily aimed at London-based BAME voluntary and community sector organisations and mainstream organisations that have the potential to collaborate with the BAME organisations. Each year 20 BAME organisations benefit from capacity building support putting them in a stronger position to form and partake in collaborations.

The project promotes building relationships between local communities and private, public and mainstream VCS organisations.

The Connectivity Programme is coming to Ealing. We are now looking for organisations/projects to join the project in October 2019

For further information email Simone Williams, Head of the BAME Connectivity Programme:


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