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About R2S


What is Routes2Success community role model programme?

Routes2Success (R2S) is a role model programme that uses successful black male and ethnic minority female volunteers to engage with black males and ethnic minority females aged 11-25 years old. The role models encourage and inspire young people to plan for their future, succeed in education and employment and have clear career routes. They also want to hear from the young people about their aspirations.

Why do we need a role model programme for young black males and ethnic minority females?

BTEG wants all young people to reach their full potential, succeed in education and enter good jobs and careers. We want to see young black males and ethnic minority females entering the full range of occupations such as engineering, law, medicine, teaching, architecture, construction, banking, and creative industries. BTEG are targeting young black males and ethnic minority females for the following reasons:

  • Following consultation with over 100 young girls regarding role model programmes in schools, over 80% told us that they would like successful women to visit their school to speak to them about their life successes and talk about how they achieved their career ambitions.

  • Black Caribbean pupils are over three times as likely as white pupils to be permanently excluded from school

  • The unemployment rate for young black people (16-24 years) is 29% compared to 15% for young white people (ONS 2015)

  • Black students make up 13% of students in the Million+ group of universities but only 2% of students in the Russell Group Universities

What are role models?

We asked young ethnic minority people ‘what makes a good role model?’ They said:

  • Someone who encourages young people

  • A successful individual from a similar background; and

  • Someone who sets a good example.

To become a role model click here

Girls in school

Who is it for?

Black males from African, Caribbean and mixed backgrounds and ethnic minority females aged 11-25 years.

What are the aims of the programme?

Routes2Sucess aims to:

  • Inspire young people at risk of becoming NEET (Not in education, employment or training) to continue in school or college.

  • Encourage young people to have career ambitions which are not constrained by ethnic or gender stereotypes and have realistic plans for how they will achieve their ambitions.

  • To help young people have a better understanding of the skills and qualifications employers are looking for.

Who funds the programme?

The programme is been funded by the Mayor’s Young Londoner’s Fund and the National Lottery Community Fund and benefits children and young people between the age of 10 - 18 who live across London.

How can you get involved?

BTEG want schools, care homes, community groups, colleges, universities, youth offending services and pupil referral units to contact us to discuss how we can best support their young people on the R2S programme.

Any organisations outside of the nine boroughs that we are funded to work with can also contact us to find out what we can offer.

Contact the Programme Manager: Brianna Cyrus / 0207832 5840

How will you know if the project has helped young black males and ethnic minority females?

All the young people who take part in R2S events will be asked to complete a self assessment form for the first session and the last session. The feedback form will include questions about (a) whether they know what employers look for when employing young people (b) whether they are more likely to stay in education because of the event; (c) whether the event has helped them in terms of career direction. The forms should show that the R2S sessions have increased their understanding in these areas. .

Read more about the programme outcomes

The Team

Our friendly team are fully committed to making a real difference to the life chances and opportunities for black boys and young black men in England.

Jeremy Crook OBE, Chief Executive of BTEG

Jeremy’s role to manage the R2S team and to help ensure the project is implemented successfully. 

Read more about Jeremy

Brianna Cyrus, Routes2Sucess Programme manager

Brianna’s manages the project and the Project Support Officer and is responsible for recruiting and inducting role models, attracting corporate supporters and ensuring the project involves young people in all of our activities.   

Read more about Brianna




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