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5 blogs that small business starts up should read

It can be hard to keep up-to-date with what’s happening in the business world when setting up your own business. Blogs are a quick way to focus in on what’s current in the start-up world.

Here are five blogs that will keep you informed of what’s happening:


  1. Start-ups business blogs  A range of topics about business start ups

  2. Start-up donut A variety of resources for businesses of all sizes

  3. The British Library Business and IP Centre Information and advice about the services that the Centre can provide to business start-ups

  4. Small business blogOpinion & comment on all things related to small businesses

  5. Bright Ideas Trust Useful information for business start-ups by young entrepreneurs and a delivery partner for Start-Up Loans, a government funded scheme to provide loans and mentors for entrepreneurs

Read a blog a day to stay informed and follow them on Twitter for regular updates.  

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